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"Let the Church Say Amen to STEM"

"LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN TO STEM" encourages individuals to embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics as tools to develop holistic youth programs. Dr. King reveals biblical principles that have undergirded her successful development and implementation of community-based STEM programs to provide constructive and accessible ways for Christians to conceptualize their possible roles in promoting STEM education. Dr. King highlights the nuts and bolts and even more elusive considerations that are often overlooked in building and facilitating programs for youth and their families. This book is designed to spark conversations so that the people of God can broaden and transform their thinking

This book contains so much useful information that can be used when starting youth programs. My favorite parts are the wonderful nuggets or "seeds" that dot just apply to youth programs, but can be applied to life in general. I was so intrigued. It is definitely one of my favorite books so far.

Daniel Williams

"Highly Recommend"

This book is easy to read. Dr. King infuses her own personal experiences as well as testimonials from others with whom she has partnered. She also provides opportunities to reflect after each chapter. I highly reccomend this book for anyone who is interested in doing youth programming.

Amazon Customer

"A Must Buy!"

This book details how to broaden participation for children of color in STEM through community engagement, how to make programs more accessible, and how we can play a part in it. So whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a pastor, a student, a community leader or activist, this book is definitely for you. I enjoyed the words of encouragement throughout the book and the samples provided that can be used for a STEM program. You will NOT be disappointed!

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