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Meet Dr. Natalie King

As a former high school science teacher, Dr. King is passionate about designing holistic curriculum that embraces students’ cultural experiences while preparing them to become productive and critically-conscious citizens in a global society. She firmly believes in STEM for social justice and utilizes an interdisciplinary approach and design thinking to provide authentic and meaningful experiences that promote civic leadership. Through her programs and scholarly work, Dr. King provides a platform for youth voices to be heard and encourages them to work creatively and collaboratively to provide solutions to critical issues within their schools and communities.


Dr. King partners with community-based organizations to provide children with access to comprehensive summer enrichment programs. She offers professional development workshops and curriculum support so that local organizations can deliver high-quality and affordable STEM programs to develop this generation’s scientists, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and mathematicians.

She is truly committed to transforming the face of STEM…one community at a time! 

In the News 

In the News


International/National Journals  

King, N. S.

Dismantling Divisive Walls to Promote Diversity and Inclusivity 

in STEM Education

King, N. S.


Reconceptualizing the Roles and Contributions of Girls and Women in STEM.